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An album production is essentially macro producing a compilation of songs and then planning how they are packaged into an album.

Tracking concerns such as which order of songs to play are important along with the listening flow of the entire song list.

An album often involves a repertoire of different composers, lyricists, and arrangers collaborating together.

A Song's Production process begins from its melody, lyrics, arranging, recording (if applicable), editing, mixing and finally, mastering.

The mastering stage produces one or two master CDs containing the final version(s) of the song.

The master is then sent to manufacturing plants for mass production.

Post Production for music is often defined by 3 jobs: Editing, Mixing and Mastering.

Editing: Choosing the right recording takes, editing and replacing weak parts and vocal tuning.
Mixing: Combining material from the arranger and the vocals together, balancing the sonic layers and adding additional effects to pimp it up.
Mastering: The final process of adding sheen to the mixed song, making it loud and ready for broadcast and print.

Composing a song is usually the very first step of creating a song.

It comprises of a melody in it’s barest form - A song composition can exist without lyrics, nor an elaborate arrangement. It could be as simple as a mobile phone recording of a hummed melody, or a recording of an instrumental demo. A good song has to carry a strong melody, have a creative but logical structure (depending on the genre) while being able to express the sentiments it was meant to.

Lyrics of a song complement and help a melody convey it’s sentiments and message to the listener.

Certain songs require simple and catchy lyrics, while other songs feature an elaborate work of literature.

Lyrics are often written with rhyming patterns while working around a central theme.

The Arrangement is often the overlooked and under-credited production process of a song. An arranger layers a song with instruments and adds the bells & whistles to turn the song into a presentable piece.

He often decides what instruments to use, where to use and how to use them. A good arranger makes a weak melody sound great, while a weak arranger turns an ingenious melody into an amateur piece.

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Music can soothe the savage beast, music can change the world, and has probably molded much of the different modern cultures that exist today.