The comments and ratings functions exist.

Dear Friends,

It has been a hectic month for me. I have been expanding my music's presence throughout the web, and working on 2 productions:

1: An indie gospel album in Singapore, will feature at least 2 tracks by me. Arranged and sung.

2: 永邦's upcoming CD will feature 1 song arranged by me. To be released in Taiwan and asia regions.

Lastly and more importantly, I would like to remind you that the comments and ratings functions for every song exists. Alot of you have been coming back to listen to my music, why not leave some of your thoughts on them ?

Please leave some of your thoughts/criticism/reviews on the songs you enjoy listening to in their song sections! It would do alot to help make the site look livelier. Thank you very much! I plan to upload more songs in the coming week. Stay tuned.
Fred Lin