Baby Monkiz EP uploaded!

Uploaded 3 tracks from the Baby Monkiz debut self titled EP which I arranged.

The tracks are:

1: Baby Monkiz
2: 异想天开
3: 跟着我说嘻哈

An additional track uploaded in the Vocal Covers section is the dance remix version of 跟着我说嘻哈 which I remixed and arranged.

Baby Monkiz were titled the first Chinese Hip Hop girl group in Shanghai and infact, the Chinese music industry.

They featured 3 extremely talented dance instructors who were only 20 years old. They were well known in the local Hip Hop dance scene and finally came together to form the girl group and released their debut EP.

I flew to Shanghai in May 2007 to work on their debut EP, and launched my professional music career with them.

For their debut EP, I served the roles of arranger for 3 songs, as well as the production supervisor for the album.

Later in February 2008, I remixed a hip hop dance version of their track titled '跟着我说嘻哈'.

Fred Lin