Piano Spa 5 Released!

Rhythmiz Music Productions & Fred Lin together with Warner Music Singapore proudly presents, Piano Spa 5! Following the success of Piano Spa 4, Piano Spa 5 has been released in August 2008! The album consists of 30 all new original tracks produced by Fred Lin, spanning over 3 CDs. Each CD has been meticulously designed to sooth, stimulate, relax and enhance your mood, any time of the day! Credits for Fred includes Producer, Composer, Arranger and of course, every instrument in the album is performed by himself. Additional effort was taken in tracking the songs creatively across the 3 CDs. CD 1 contained pieces suited for morning listening, CD 2 has more refreshing and inspiring pieces for the afternoon, while CD 3 has a mellow undertone to the pieces, allowing one to meditate and retire for the evening. Fred was a freelance web musician, having written and showcased many of his songs on his website, he was discovered online by Producer and Manager, Gilbert Ong from Rhythmiz Music Productions. Early in 2008, Fred was invited to collaborate in the Piano Spa 4 album, together with pianist and composer, Chester Tan. Mid 2008, Fred was offered the Piano Spa 5 album. Piano Spa is available at all major CD stores now! Please show your support towards local rising artists! International fans can buy Piano Spa 5 via PayPal! USD$28 incl. shipping.
CD 1 (The Morning CD)
1: Warm Embrace (Previously "A Warmer Christmas")
2: Love Theme
3: 3 Acts
4: Good Morning, My Love
5: Variations on a Childish Theme
6: Serenade
7: Moods I
8: Hypnotic Trio
9: Searching
10: Feelin' Blue
CD 2 (The Afternoon CD)
1: Love at First Sight
2: Lazy Afternoon
3: Good Things Come in Threes
4: Missing You Badly
5: Evolution
6: Stairway
7: Solemn Vow
8: East Meets West
9: Life's Fragility
10: Her Return
CD 3 (The Evening CD)
1: One
2: The Calm After The Storm
3: The Evening
4: Nocturne
5: Tragic Hero
6: Moving with Times
7: Moods II
8: Ancient Lore
9: A Warmer Christmas (Piano Version)
10: Ending Credits (PS5 Medley)
Fred Lin