Piano Spa 4 Released! Featuring Fred & Chester Tan.

After so long... After so many years of trying... I finally have a commercial release! While this isn't a solo album, it's a nice start for me. Besides, I get to be featured together with my good friend, and maestro pianist, Chester Tan. Piano Spa 4 is the 4th installment of an ongoing series of relaxing piano music, that has been decently popular in Singapore, Japan and Korea. The past 3 albums were written and performed by Chester, but this 4th installment I was offered the opportunity to work on half the album, while Chester did the other half. I remember declining the offer because I was afraid that my writing and playing style would not fit the genre. But eventually, I gave it a go, re-arranging many of my previous works while writing a whole slew of new songs that have never been heard by my music lovers. I believe that the Piano Spa branding has gone a long way, already surpassing the initial intention of solely providing a relaxing experience. Over the years, the style and writing has grown to give the listener not only a relaxing experience, but an emotional one as well. Happiness, Sorrow, Nostalgia, Sympathy are some of the sentiments you will experience in PS4. When I worked on PS4, I knew I couldn't match the same style that Chester had firmly established. So I infused my usual playing style with traces of different genres together with my past & present memories/experiences. Piano Spa 4 is now available at most major CD stores in Singapore. It comprises of 30 songs, spanned across 3 CDs and is published by Warner Music Singapore. 16 Songs are written and performed by Chester Tan, while the other 14 by me. Please help support us and the music scene by picking up a copy at a store near you! :)
Fred Lin