Vocal Covers are my vocal renditions of other artist's songs. More often than not, I perform it with a self-produced accompaniment that is either similar or totally different from the original.

The way you look at me

  • Artist : Fred Lin

  • Composer : Andrew Fromm, Keith Follese

  • Lyricist : Andrew Fromm, Keith Follese

  • Arranger : Fred Lin

  • Producer : Fred Lin

  • Date Produced : Apr 2007

Been doing a couple of favours for a certain vocal coach, which were basically requests for minus ones for his singers to use in competitions and whatsoever. The latest one was Christian Bautista’s “The Way You Look At Me”.
I’ve Been wanting to do a cover for a long time, but never came down to it. Having done the minus one this time round, I simply couldn’t resist recording a cover. It took me quite a few takes though, but I’m quite happy with the result. It’s going to be awhile until I can find time to record covers. Heading off to pursue my dreams in the music business, I’d be busy doing music for other people, rather than myself, until the day when my break comes.

Hope ya’ll enjoy my singlish-accent-laden rendition of “The Way You Look At Me”.




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Jay said:
sound alike to the original...