Original Vocals are vocal songs that I have composed and arranged. Most of the songs are sung by me with a couple of exceptions that feature other vocalists.

Can't Stand You

  • Artist : Fred Lin

  • Composer : Fred Lin

  • Lyricist : Fred Lin

  • Arranger : Fred Lin

  • Producer : Fred Lin

  • Date Produced : Sep 2006

This song was not for my dad, but because of him, and towards him. Notice the hostility here. For the many things that he did towards my family, the anger and frustration that me and my mum felt are reflected and expressed in this song.

This song is also my first foray into R&B; A genre that i’ve always been fascinated with, but didn’t manage to ‘get into it’. After being inspired by a producer friend, as well as several motivating factors in my life, i’ve finally gotten down to it. My music has often been unclassifiable as commercial, because of its rawness. But i believe i’ve overcome that finally, with this new piece. Like what Jeric told me today.. “Welcome to pop :) ”

Hope ya’ll like “Can’t Stand You”.