Original Vocals are vocal songs that I have composed and arranged. Most of the songs are sung by me with a couple of exceptions that feature other vocalists.


  • Artist : Fred Lin

  • Composer : Fred Lin

  • Lyricist : Ju_n

  • Arranger : Fred Lin

  • Producer : Fred Lin

  • Date Produced : Sep 2005

This was one of my first serious attempts at orchestrating. I think I was too influenced by the stuff you hear in award ceremonies on TV, because the hooks in the song really sound alot like music from award ceremonies.

Anyway, this song's lyrics are also the most difficult that I've ever sung, because they were written by a friend's friend majoring in Chinese literature.

It was the first time that I've let someone else do the lyrics so I can actually have a little substance in my lyrics, instead of I love you all the time.

The song's melodic structure drew heavy influences from 游鸿明's songs, which I thought had a very unique style and tone.

Hope you like this! :)