Original Vocals are vocal songs that I have composed and arranged. Most of the songs are sung by me with a couple of exceptions that feature other vocalists.


  • Artist : Fred Lin

  • Composer : Fred Lin

  • Lyricist : Fred Lin

  • Arranger : Fred Lin

  • Producer : Fred Lin

  • Date Produced : July 2005

June 2003, most if not all of my buddies have graduated, and enlisted into the army. As i stayed in school to complete one final semaster, i watched them leave one by one, as if we’d never see each other again. The fact is, things will never be like before again. We played hard though, and those memories are good enough to keep through a lifetime, chances of them repeating are very slim though, as we all grow up and go through another phase of our lives. This song describes the feeling of how friendship may or may not last as our lives change. Will friendship change along with our lives? Listen on..