These are commercials and radio jingles that I have worked on.

海南岛 94.5 天涯海角

  • Artist : Shaun 永邦

  • Composer : 永邦/Fred Lin

  • Lyricist : 永邦

  • Arranger : Fred Lin

  • Producer : Fred Lin

  • Date Produced :

This is a campaign song for a Hainanese chicke.. I mean, radio station, 945 FM.
The aim I had for the song was to have a very tropical feel and beachy, but not reggae. After some discussions with 永邦, I came up with this arrangement which featured a leading piano hook and bass hook that is shown prominently throughout the song.

永邦 wanted the song to have a 'behind the scenes' feel so we had him talking and commenting throughout the song, as if he was producing the song while singing it at the same time.

这首台呼是为海南岛94.5频道所制作的。由永邦演唱,作曲以及作词。Fred Lin林立翔负责部分的作曲,完整的编曲以及后期制作。编这首歌时的目标是要得到一种很阳光热带海滩的感觉,但不想踏进Reggae风格。
经过跟永邦的一些讨论后,完成了这个编曲。拥有一个明显的钢琴以及Bass Hook抓住听众的注意力以及美好青春的记忆。