These are commercially released albums which have featured me either as an artist or in the album's production.

Baby Monkiz

  • Artist : Baby Monkiz

  • Composer : 永邦

  • Lyricist : 永邦/Baby Monkiz

  • Arranger : Fred Lin

  • Producer : 永邦

  • Date Produced : May 2007

'Baby Monkiz' is the lead track of Baby Monkiz's self titled EP. Baby Monkiz were Shanghai's first Chinese Hip Hop girl group. Featuring 3 20 year old former dance instructors, they had the energy and spirit as well as physical requirements for the title.

This title track introduces the 3 different characters and shows you the different feeling each of them express.

This is by far my favourite track of the EP, and most if not all of the arranging direction was decided and thought up by me.

The arrangement had a massive track count of around 50+ tracks to form the song.

It was my first project upon arriving in Shanghai, and was literally the first thing I did after I had my first meal in Shanghai. I remember I worked on arranging the song from 10pm to 9am the following day.

Enjoy this heart pumpin' track!

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