These are commercially released albums which have featured me either as an artist or in the album's production.


  • Artist : Baby Monkiz

  • Composer : Jeric Tan

  • Lyricist : Jeric Tan/吴政勋

  • Arranger : Fred Lin/Jeric Tan

  • Producer : Jeric Tan

  • Date Produced : May 2007

This is a track from Shanghai's first Chinese Hip Hop girl group, Baby Monkiz. The EP was my debut entry into the commercial music world, and this track featured me and my long time Singaporean buddy, Jeric.

He wrote the song and penned the lyrics together with another buddy, Van, while we worked on the arranging overnight. I was practically working 24 hours on the EP and during the arranging of this song, I remember I was so tired at the end of the first draft that I fell asleep on the chair.

Jeric took over the arranging for the next 3-4 hours and when I woke up, he had put most of the final ideas together, and had me glue it all together to form the final arrangement.

This song was a truly collaborative effort on many levels, one uncredited name was Kenneth Ng, who actually gave the idea of the beats.

Anyway, enjoy this mid tempo ballad from the Baby Monkiz!