Fred Lin Music is the showcase of music which Fred Lin has composed, sung and arranged. Fred is an accomplished pianist and music producer from Singapore, currently living in Shanghai. He has released 2 new age instrumental albums by Warner Music Singapore under the Piano Spa branding, while being extensively involved in music production for albums in China and Taiwan, amongst others.


There are a total of 127 songs on Fred Lin Music! 34 of these songs are Original Vocals, while 12 of them are Original Instrumentals. There are 11 Vocal Covers together with 1 Instrumental Covers. Fred has worked on 47 songs collected in albums. 4 Gospel Songs have been produced to praise God, while 11 of the remaining songs are Commercials / Jingles, 2 Demos and lastly, 3 Jam Sessions. To date, 70199 folks have come to enjoy the music.