WHO is Fred Lin ?

Fred Lin was born November 6, 1982 in Singapore to a family of 3. Ever since he was a toddler, his mum had consistently exposed him to music. By the age of 5, he had his first piano lesson. At 6, he dropped piano classes for violin lessons, which he continued with several teachers until he was 16, while self-learning piano at the same time.

At the age of 17, he started to develop a keen interest in song writing, and began writing his first few piano pieces. By the time he was 20, he had already mastered the fundamentals of audio recording, editing as well as song composition and arranging.

When he was 22, he met vocal coach Daniel Singh, now a certified Speech Level Singing vocal coach. Fred took up 3 years of lessons with the renown pupil of Master vocal coach, Seth Riggs.

Fred’s aspirations for music developed rapidly after he finished his mandatory national service at 24. He signed up as a song writer with AVEX Taiwan through Singapore management, Rhythmiz Music Production while taking up his first job as an assistant producer in Musical Theatre Society (Now Musical Theatre Limited) where he oversaw various aspects of theatrical productions and management.

After a 6 month stint, he was offered an opportunity to pursue a career in Shanghai, at Orientalsky Entertainment & Talent Management Group, where he supervised and oversaw the production of several pop albums and later ran the in-house music production department of the company.

Fred officially left Orientalsky in June 2008 after over a year to advance on with his musical career. His stay at Orientalsky had him working with artists such as David Wong 黄大炜,Shaun 永邦,Hu Bing 胡兵, Erica Lee 李悦君, only to name a few. He had traveled to various recording studios from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, aiding in various music projects while coaching new artists in piano, guitar and singing.

In 2008, he co-produced and released a New Age album together with pianist, Chester Tan. Piano Spa 4 was published exclusively by Warner Music Singapore under the Piano Spa brand. Later that year, he released his first solo-produced New Age album, Piano Spa 5.

HOW does he do it ?

Fred began dabbling in music production at the age of 17 with only a computer and an old Yamaha keyboard. Having literally zero knowledge of how music is produced, he began researching on the internet and reading books. His biggest revelation came when he discovered the music production magazine, Computer Music, which focused specifically on digital music production and such. Since then, he started buying every monthly issue, absorbing every bit of knowledge that he could.

Fred later got to know singer Shaun 永邦, who introduced more of the workings of the commercial music industry to him, and eventually led him to Shanghai.

Over the years, Fred had collected and experimented with various music genres using various software, instruments and built a decent home recording studio in Singapore which he used for most of his independent projects prior to Shanghai.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. That is the fundamental principal that has spurred and inspired Fred to come all this way in his musical journey, having only taken formal lessons in Violin and Singing.

Over the years, Fred has built a strong rapport with many professionals in the industry ranging from producers to agents, songwriters to singers in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States.

WHAT has he done ?

Aug 2008
First solo-produced instrumental album, Piano Spa 5 released by Warner Music Singapore.
Jun 2008
Produced, composed, arranged and sung original vocal track “With Your Blood” for Sichuan Earthquake Relief charity album.
Apr 2008
Co-produced Piano Spa 4 with Chester Tan, released by Warner Music Singapore.
Feb 2008
Remixed/Arranged dance versions of Shaun 永邦’s “爱的比较多”featuring Los Angeles DJ Arrakeen and Baby Monkiz’s 跟着我说嘻哈
Dec 2007
Production assistant for Shaun 永邦’s album, Wish released by Orientalsky Corporation in China and Taipei.
Dec 2007
Production Supervisor for Baby Monkiz’s debut self-titled EP. Including arranger for 3 tracks from the EP-Baby Monkiz, 跟着我说嘻哈,异想天开.
Aug 2007
Music consultant for Y4EP play. Recorded and produced soundtrack for play, including arranging the theme song “能不能”.
Jun 2006
Arranger and Pianist for musical “Blue Willow House” (Singapore).
Mar 2006
Composer, Lyricist, Arranger, Musical Director as well as Performer in musical “Closer to Your Heart” (Singapore).
Mar 2003
Semi-Finalist for original composition in Talent Quest 2003 (Singapore Talent Competition).

Miscellaneous/Indie works

Produced and arranged various radio jingles and music for radio stations in China, Taipei and Singapore.
Composed, Arranged and performed original birthday song for Goldhill Group Director, William Goei’s 83rd Birthday.
Original music for Singapore shortfilm, Homecoming.
Original music for Singapore shortfilm, The Red Umbrella.